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The opening of a door to reach people happened one morning as we noticed a line growing in front of a campground store. Upon investigation we discovered the people were waiting for the doors of a coffee shop to open. As if a light had been turned on, it became clear this was a way to reach people on a common level. Very shortly thereafter, we found ourselves in a church where we saw people enjoying a variety of coffee in the fellowship hall. It was then we discovered Cleft Coffee and our Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere C.O.F.F.E.E Ministry was born! As Christians, retired military and coffee drinkers we found it to be a perfect fit. On the Go Mission is happy to partner with Cleft Coffee as we endeavor to reach people for the Kingdom of God through coffee.

Operation Share the Love
The Cleft Coffee Ministries has joined arms with the United Service Organization (the USO) in a strategic partnership to get fresh roasted coffees to our troops serving abroad as well as right here at home. Our military men and women serving our country sacrifice more than most will ever know. It’s our hope and mission that every cup of coffee we send will not only bless our men and women with the best quality coffee they’ve ever had, it’s an act of love that assures them that there is a network of people all across the United States of America who care for them and want to say "Thank you!"

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Operation Share the Love

get fresh roasted coffees to our troops