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   October 2018   
Verse of the Day
On the Go with Jesus
July 8, 2016, 3:05 PM

To "GO" when we want to stay!

To “GO” When We Want to Stay!

Mt. Airy, North Carolina AKA Mayberry Campgrounds! A cliché from the get go! It’s wonderful and it’s oozing with history and nostalgia! The obvious references to the Andy Griffith show are everywhere from Aunt Bees BBQ and Goobers eateries to the Andy Griffith Museum, Andy Griffith Pkwy, Barney Fife Blvd, and Opie Taylor Lane (our current address). This was the birth place of the afore mentioned popular TV show. The pilot for the show was created here and all of the “sets” i.e. the Sheriff’s Office, gas station, and hotel are here even the old Darlings shack. Each place is fully manned and includes a reservation book for the next downtown “car tour”. A tour by the way offered from the back seat of one of three Sheriff squad cars, driven by a acknowledgeable “acting sheriff” and comes standard with a siren blast at the start of each tour!

The streets here are lined with diners, old-timey ice cream parlors, music stores, and antique shops. There is also an Amphitheater in the middle of the downtown area as well as the “Historic Earle Theater” which has hosted some of the greatest bluegrass musicians of its time. The Earle as it is lovingly called has the longest running radio station second only to the Grand Ole Opry. Every Thursday night from 7-9 pm they have an “open” Gospel Bluegrass Jam Session that draws the greatest local talent and the occasional missionary who loves very much to sing! I have enjoyed it so much that (after much prayer) I have decided to learn the guitar. Mark purchased a parlor size guitar for me and I am determined to learn and glorify God in music as we travel. We both will very much miss Thursday nights at the Earle.

Here in Mt. Airy you will find the Mayberry Campgrounds located just off Hwy 74. We are calling this place home for now and have discovered no shortage of historical information about even this place. This land originally belonged to Eng and Chang Bunker; the original Siamese twins. They were very famous and can be found if you google them. They were conjoined twins, each had a wife, Eng had 10 children and Chang had 11, and both died at 52 years old. Their story is fascinating and I encourage you to look them up. Anyway, the current owners are third and fourth generation Bunkers and a nicer bunch of folks would be hard to find. They have allowed us to enjoy openly everything that we do for the Lord with no hindrance what so ever. Because of it we have been able to share the Gospel in new ways from the weekday C.O.F.F.E.E. Ministry, Pancake Saturday and ministry on Sundays! We have also provided morning Church Service for a local assisted living facility where God used this ministry to draw a man named John E. in to a new relationship with Christ! Interestingly, John E. comes every Sunday and sits by a man named…Andy Taylor!

Our time here at Mayberry Campgrounds has been blessed but while here we have experienced great loses too. We’ve had friends in Texas go home to the Lord and were not able to make it back for the funerals. This has been very heart breaking and an adjustment that has been difficult. Closer to home as some of you know we are traveling with 4 dogs; two labs Jilly and Hazel, a Chihuahua named Gabriel and a Yorkie named Penny. The two labs belong to Mark and recently he lost Hazel to some weird internal parasite. He carried her to the hospital but she had massive internal bleeding and could not be saved. This was a very sad day.

We have now been here at Mayberry Campgrounds for 40 days and are paid through the 12th of this month; eight more days! We are now preparing for departure and still feel coastal northeast is the way to continue. Our sites are set for Virginia and Pennsylvania next as we work our way towards Vermont and Maine.  God willing we will be back in Tennessee in September for a bit then home to Texas for the holidays. If you reside in any of the previously mentioned states and would like to have a couple of missionaries come to your local church we would be honored to visit and share how God is using On The Go Mission!

Until next time,

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”  Numbers 6:24-26

Holly Shaw


On The GO Mission



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