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   October 2018   
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On the Go with Jesus
April 7, 2017, 5:58 AM

Testamonies 2016

Mark and Holly have a genuine heart to seek and serve the lost.  On the Go Mission is a true reflection of the work of Jesus and we are so blessed to be a part of it!”

Dave and Katie L.



“While in Mt Airy, NC we had the opportunity to witness On the Go Mission in a personal way. During our stay at Mayberry Campground we were impressed with the Christian outreach offered to everyone through the C.O.F.F.E.E invitation. The morning fellowship and sharing of God's love and saving grace was offered to everyone.  In a world that needs God's message, On the Go Mission is bringing it to everyone along their path. The mission is to aid anyone, anywhere with the Word and with hands on   ministry.  On The Go      Mission seeks out places and people who need God's love and message. What a challenge and what a faith this On the Go Mission inspires.”

Connie and Al Y.

North Carolina



“On the Go Mission shares encouragement with Christians and shares God’s word with the lost as God opens the doors but most of all they have the love of Jesus for everyone that they meet. I thank God for them.”

Peggy S.

Timberline North Carolina



“I would like you to stop to check out our One Voice Club. They last about a half hour each during our schools lunch periods. Hope to see you soon!”

Paige D.

Hartville, Ohio



"On The Go Mission / Mark and Holly Shaw are focused and obedient to Gods will for their lives. God is working through them with their hands and feet to serve and bless His people in Smith County & beyond. Everyone God puts in Mark and Holly's path is loved as Jesus loves and they the truth of God’s word & the plan of salvation for His people. I pray for Gods encouragement, strength, and provision for Mark and     Holly's continued work in His ministry at On the Go Mission in Jesus name amen.”

Perry and Patty S.

Whitehouse, Tx



“Mark and Holly present the WORD of GOD very carefully, with much knowledge and depth of content. I loved studying with them. Wish they'd joined us at my church.”


Chandler, Texas



“I know that Mark and Holly have been called out by God with On the Go Mission. They are spreading God's Word of salvation to the lost as God opens up the doors. They are a blessing to believers as they encourage us with Gods Word. I was so blessed by them.”


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